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of possible historical interest:

    film and video; system administrator
    • Unitel, NYC 1976-1983
      • janitor
      • production studio manager
      • dubber (duplication)
      • playback (edit assist)
      • videotape editor
    • Action Video, Hollywood 1983-1990
      • telecine assist
      • colorist
        • n.b. a colorist in the realm of film and video post-production works with Directors, Directors of Photography, and other creative people to design and output a particular combination of densities, colors, and effects to enhance the photographed image.
      • senior colorist
    • Planet Blue, Hollywood 1990
      • senior colorist
    • Editel, Hollywood 1990-1996
      • senior colorist/telecine manager
    • Pacific Ocean Post, Santa Monica 1996-1998
      • senior colorist
    • 525 Studios, Santa Monica 2000-2001
      • telecine artist
    • California Institute of the Arts 2001-2002
    • Telecine Internet Group
      • Founder, Administrator
      • Programmer, Designer, Software Engineer

article in Film & Video about the TIG
article from Avica on the Vecta

avocational interests:

rob_95_sierra rob_95_sierra
  • Running
    • Los Angeles Marathon 1988 3:37
    • Humboldt Redwoods Marathon 1988 3:50
    • New York City Marathon 1989 4:12

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web pages and stats:

storm over Bosphorus
storm over the Bosphorus Straits

mailing lists:

I have run a few public mailing lists here on my domain,, among them:
  • for matters relating to telecine (film-to-tape transfer)
    the TIG, founded in 1992
  • i started the Mark Helprin mailinglist; the Combat! webpages; the Lingellist mailinglist; the mailinglists for owners of the Yaesu FT-990 and FT-1000 radio transceivers...